Saturday, May 13, 2006

Together We'll Get It Done

How do you get it all done? That's a common question asked of homeschooling mothers. The fact of the matter is that my "to do" list is never all crossed off. But I try to remember that there is my list and there is God's list. In the end, His is the only one that matters. And when I see things from His perspective a lot more is accomplished than I realized. I'm not much of a poet, but here's a little poem I wrote to remember to see my tasks from His perspective. Happy Mother's Day!

Together We'll Get It Done

September began in earnestness and relative ease
But fell away by mid-November...
It all started with one little sneeze!

In no time at all, it was Christmas and all of its worry,
It all seems so distant now, what was the hurry?

The new year began with renewed vision and hope,
But things keep coming up, "Oh, why can't I cope?"

So now it is May and June is so near,
Nothing seems to get done with out someone shedding a tear!


"Come," says the Lord, "Rest in me."
"You view the year a lot different than I do you see."

That child who was taught comfort and love.
That neighbor in gave a taste of heaven above.

All those projects and ideas started but never sewn;
You've sewn seeds of love, mercy, and grace; and my how they've grown.

So see through MY eyes, my dear sweet one,
Your job is not yet finished, but...

Together we'll get it done.

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