Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spunky's Great Giveaway

This contest is now closed. I will announce the winner on May 8.

I'm not one for doing contests on my blog. But I've dubbed May Reader Appreciation Month. I have been blessed by all the wonderful people I've gotten to know and all the opportunities that have opened up to me. So I'd like to say thanks by giving a little something to bless others. So throughout the next few weeks I hope to do a few giveaways.

The first starts today. I'm giving away a microscope graciously donated by Benz Microscopes and an Apologia Biology Text Set.

I highly respect both of these companies. We have purchased materials from each of them. I'm excited to share them with you. Here's what you could win....

First Prize
Swift 2251F Compound Microscope

All the specifications for this microscope are available here. We have purchased a microscope from Mr. Benz. He knows microscopes. If you need a microscope, he's definitely the guy to talk to. He can help you find exactly the instrument to meet your needs. This microscope is an excellent choice for all middle and high school science needs. The retail value of this microscope is $259. If you aren't selected as the winner of the contest, Benz Microscopes is willing to sell this microscope to my readers for $160 + shipping.

Second Prize
Apologia Biology

Many people are familiar with the Jay Wile Science series. We have used his General Science and Physical Science. I am using the Biology currently with our older children. We have enjoyed them all. And plan to use the Chemistry next year. I blogged recently about the great customer service I received from the author, Jay Wile. The Biology textbook set is valued at $80. If your looking for quality science materials, Apologia is the place to get them.

Now for the important part. HOW DO I WIN THIS?

All you have to do is blog about this contest and include this sentence.

Spunky is giving away a Benz Microscope and Apologia Biology Set this week. Click Here to get the details.

After you post send me an email with the link (email addy is on my sidebar) and you'll be automatically be entered. The post must contain a hyperlink to all three sites. (It's the least we can do for their generosity don't you think?!?)

If you don't have a blog that's not a problem.
Just email at least 5 friends with this exciting giveway and CC me in as well. You'll automatically be entered. Only email once to your friends in the same email. Multiple entries will not give you a greater chance of winning they'll be ignored. The email must include hyperlinks to all three sites.

Deadline for entry is MIDNIGHT (EST) on Friday May 5, 2006. The two winners will be announced on Monday May 8.

I'm truly excited about doing this. If you are in the market for science materials, I hope you'll look into Benz Microscopes and Apologia Science . I've been impressed by them and I know you will be too! I should also note that Mr. Benz sells the National 131 microscope for $152. And the National 138 for $160. Those are some of the lowest prices I've seen anywhere. So check them out.

In other homeschool blog news...
The 18th Carnival of Homeschooling is up at the Thinking Mother. Lots of great thoughts, ideas, and encouragement from a variety of homeschool bloggers.

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