Thursday, May 11, 2006

More on Sean Paddock

For those who have been following the story about Lynn Paddock here's the latest...
Presecutors could decide today on the death penalty.

Lynn Paddock, a Johnston County woman accused of killing her 4-year-old adopted son, could learn today whether prosecutors will seek to have her put to death.
An autopsty report on the cause of his death revealed that,

In the week before 4-year-old Sean Paddock's death, he refused to stay in bed at night and roamed the Johnston County farmhouse of his adoptive parents, according to an autopsy report released this week.
Her attorney Michael Reece is considering whether to call Michael Pearl to testify if the case goes to trial.

Judging from the number of google searches that daily hit my site and the frequent emails I receive, this story and the Pearls continue to be of great interest to many people.

Update Thursday PM: The judge has ruled that Paddock will not receive the death penalty.
The state must possess evidence of aggravated circumstances and I did not think the evidence was compelling enough to pursue the death penalty, [District Attorney] Lock said.
Paddock will be charged with second degree murder.

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