Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's a start!

Dr. Jim West is coming around. No, he hasn't endorsed homeschooling just SpunkyHomeschool.

SpunkyHomeSchool is the blog of a witty and clever homeschooler. So, besides Chris Heard, there is at least one other homeschooler I think something of! Besides, her family looks Amish and who doesn't love the Amish? (Though it is curious to me that an Amish family not only has electricity, but also the internet and a weblog! But never mind- she seems very together). So, to you homeschoolers who hate me- just remember- I like 2 of you!
Thanks Dr. West. If you don't know what all this is about, Dr. West is one of several people who have spoken out against homeschooling and Dr. Bruce Shortt's resolution in the Southern Baptist Convention. I'm still waiting to hear from Dr. Tony Beam. (Thanks to David for alerting me to his slight change of heart.)

As much as I enjoy a compliment, it was more gratifying to read the comment Daisy left yesterday on Learning to Socialize,

Thanks for putting my only real concern to rest. I can't tell you how useful this blog has been to me, even though my little student is only two years old right now, and homeschooling hasn't really begun. Keep up the great work, Spunky!

Thanks. Knowing that parents like you find this blog useful means a lot to me.

For mothers, like Daisy, who are just beginning to homeschool, you may enjoy a post I wrote to my daughters on their first day of homeschooling.

Vacation Update,
We made it to Charleston without any accidents. That's because my recently potty trained two year old daughter discovered the wonder and joy of self-flushing toilets! She wanted to stop at every bathroom on the freeway and try it out!

We'll be checking out the beach today, and tomorrow my husband will be speaking at Miles Road Baptist Church.

Have a great Saturday!

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