Thursday, May 25, 2006

Homeschool Discrimination?

George Mason University has decided to drop the SAT requirement for some of its applicants.

Andrew Flagel, George Mason's dean of admissions, said the university examined the performance of students who did well in high school and found that SAT scores were a poor predictor of how those students would fare at the university. He said officials worried that reliance on the test could unfairly exclude some talented students who are poor test-takers.
But apparently some talented students who are homeschooled must still take the test.

The George Mason admissions website specifically excludes homeschooled students from the score optional review process. They also excluded some students applying to specific majors and the honors program.

Many public colleges it appears are taking the no test route. The website Fair Test has a list of colleges that are going test optional.

The development of a no test rule is a postive sign in college admissions. However, the exclusion of homeschoolers could put them at a competitive disadvantage to their public school counterparts in the admissions process, simply because they were homeschooled. I wonder if some homeschoolers will get as upset about this as they did Oprah?

Of course, much of this can be for naught when the President's Commission on Higher Education issues its report due out in August.

In other testing news, the California Supreme Court reinstated their state high school exit exam.

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