Friday, May 12, 2006

Hi-Tech Parenting

Here are some new advances in technology to help you with your parenting.

BabyFirst TV, (what a misnomer)

"This is the first channel dedicated to babies and their parents - transforming TV from its original purpose into a way for them to interact," said Sharon Rechter, BabyFirstTV's executive vice president for business development and marketing.

"The fact of life is that babies are already watching TV," she said. "That's why having BabyFirstTV is so important - what we want to offer is completely safe, commercial-free and appropriate content."

I fail to see how a TV helps parents and their babies interact. No thank you! Watching TV is not a habit I want to cultivate in my babies. And what was the original purpose of TV anyway?

Moving on....
Are you having trouble trusting your teen? Become a "secret agent" with a global positioning satellite (GPS) phone.

The Wherifone is the world's smallest cell phone for kids," says John Cunningham, director of communications for Wherify Wireless. "The value add is not just being able to call your child but also having access to their real-time location. It gives parents a real sense of safety."

With an embedded GPS system in the phone, parents can access their child's location, for safety or rule-breaking reasons, via a secure Internet site with a secret password. The web site features a map that pinpoints exactly where their child is, and better yet, it can "breadcrumb." "The parent can also do breadcrumbing, which is a series of location requests," says Cunningham. "So on the map, they can see dots where the child has been, and the direction he's going in."

The phone is set to sell this summer for $150. At this point, I don't see the need for a GPS for "rule breaking". If we thought they would break the rules they wouldn't get the car. But for safety this may be a real help.

But if they really want to help parents with new technology, I think a GPS for my two year old would be very helpful.

(Thanks to these excellent teen bloggers, David and Tim, for the links.)

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