Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heading South

We're headed to Charleston, South Carolina. Posting may be sporadic with a few best of Spunky posts tossed in. I'm looking forward to the break. I'll be back next Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday. But I'll be back. Maybe.

Meanwhile, here's a few links to keep you going,

If you haven't already read about the most recent pastor to bash homeschooling, Make sure you do. Dr. Beam sent me an email saying he will respond to my post soon. By the way, he also said he homeschooled his children for some of their education. Interesting. Stay tuned.

The newest edition of Regenerate Our Culture Online Magazine is up. My daughter shares how homeschooling has kept her "grounded". (So much for homeschoolers retreating from the culture.)

Susan Ryan shared this article School To Careers; The German Roots of Outcome Based Education By Judy Aron. It's a concise history of how we've gotten where we are in education.

An emailer shared a link to a free e-book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. It's written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, a policy advisor on education during the Reagan Administration. It provides a more in-depth look at education reform.

What's up with the Shakeup at Patrick Henry College? (HT: Jay Ryan)

Interesting article on how the internet is changing our lives.

Need a good laugh, The Thinking Mother shares a humorous story.

Warning: Wife Swap (I refuse to link to them.) is on the prowl again. I got another email promising $20K to participate or a $1000 referral fee. They made the rounds last year. No thanks.

Congratulations to Kay Brooks homeschool advocate and mother of 4. She was elected to her local public school board.

Congratulations to Amy at Dandelion Seeds on baby #7.

Consider this an open post. Feel free to comment and share what's on your mind or blog.

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