Friday, May 05, 2006

From Homeschool to College

Here's a helpful article for those with college bound high schoolers.
As homeschooled students enroll in colleges and universities in increasing numbers, institutions of higher education will become more adept at evaluating the myriad educational experiences that have shaped these students. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of homeschool families to understand the challenges that admissions officers face and to prepare their child to successfully navigate the admission process. The article offers some insight into what college admissions officers look for.
The article offers some helpful insight into what college admissions officers look for from homeschool applicants. (HT: Homeschool Buzz)

Along those same lines, Kim asked why so many homeschoolers "pack it in" during high school and opt for public school. Kim chose public school for her high schooler for transcript preparation and a classroom environment. I admit those are things I've thought a lot about too.

Let's face it, parenting in the high school years can be intimidating. The other stages of parenting have a relatively known end game. When their young you know eventually they will dispense with diapers, bathe themselves, and learn to read, etc.. But the leap into the adult world is not as certain. It is easy to panic. I know I've felt it. I mean, this is when it counts. What if I screw up. Most parents I know who have been honest with me say it was their worry of not doing it "well enough". Most who did put them in high school find that it has worked out for the most part. Except that they feel like they lost something special with their teens those last few years. A few have brought them back home for that reason. I have also noticed that after the first one goes into a high school, the younger siblings usually end up public school before high school. Not sure why that is but it seems to be the case.

Kim comes to the conclusion that a strong network of support is necessary if you plan on homeschooling through high school.

So for those of you who have "finished well", I'd love to hear what kept you steady until the end. I'm in the middle of it all right now so my thoughts are unproven at best. So I'd appreciate some advice and encouragement and I'm sure others would as well.

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