Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Enough already!!!

This is just plain awful.

Twelve boys in the first and second grade at a St. Louis elementary school are accused of sexually assaulting a second-grade girl during recess, authorities said Tuesday.
We're talking about 6-8 year olds! The teacher in charge has been fired. Another was supsended with pay. This is what the superintendant had to say,

In my mind it's unconscionable that it happened and in my mind people have to be held accountable," Williams said. "How is it this kind of thing is even in the minds of young men?
Maybe the teacher was reading the same book as this Boston teacher. Parents, when is it finally going to sink in? Nobody loves (or watches) your children like you do. But most parents just don't want to believe it.

Here's an example. After I posted my Miranda Rights for Parents which addressed parents giving up their authority, Tammy chastised me for going overboard. She said,

Most of the time I can laugh at what you write about public schools but this one was a bit too overboard. Not every school is this way-WAKE UP!!

At 3 different school if I wanted my children to be taught about sex,I was allowed to preview the videos and had to give permission for my child to attend the sessions.I could go on and on nit picking about each point and give you a poistive answer but I won't .

Just remember not every state is California.

Your right Tammy, not every state is like California. And I suppose your going to tell me your child's school isn't like St. Louis or Boston either. All I can say is WAKE UP!!

CNN provides video of the school yard and an interview with the superintendant here.

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