Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Education Styles

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Home Sweet Home.

One of the posts that caught my eye was Education Styles by Nerd Mom. She's just beginning her homeschool journey and is trying to decide on the right educational style. Right now, she is evaluating classical and unschooling. These decisions are daunting but thankfully not life threatening. A bad decision here or there is like a bad haircut. It can be frustrating, but eventually it just grows out. The same is true with our children. They are flexible and will grow with you. Really. Trust me on this. If you make a choice that doesn't seem to work, re-evaluate, adjust as necessary, and move on.

I wrote a few posts that may be helpful to those just beginning to evaluate educational styles and curriculum.

Curriculum Soup Just as there isn't one "right" way to prepare soup, there isn't one way to homeschool. This analogy may help sort through the many curriculum options out there.

What Curriculum Do You Use? Here's some guidelines and questions to ask yourself as you decide which style and curriculum will work best for you.

I also wrote about my brief period as an unschoolers in a post called, The Undeniable Truths of an Un-UnSchooler.

And for those who want to know what curriculum we currently use. It's Tapestry of Grace. We're doing the Volume Four, the 1900's. It's a classical approach, but we've adapted it to fit our family's needs. I wrote a little more about it here. We will continue with Tapestry of Grace using Volume One (Ancient History) after we finish Volume Four. Although, next year we are going to add in a twice monthly book discussion with a few other families. We generally avoid large co-ops but I think a small book discussion will be helpful to cement some of the ideas we are learning.

One Final Thought
Next year will be my daughter's senior year. Last summer we had a discussion about her high school years. In a moment of anxiety, I asked her if she thought there were any holes in her learning. "Yes, mom there are." She replied.

My heart sank. "But mom," she continued, "everyone has holes but that's what homeschooling is for. When I teach my children I can learn it right along with them and fill some of those in!"

So, in reality, homeschooling never ends. And I must admit, it kind of makes me look forward to being a Grandma!

Update: For more inspiration, Why Homeschool has interviewed Barbara Frank.

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