Thursday, May 04, 2006

The AFT meets Spunky

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has a blog and today they mention me. Or at least I think it's me.
Spunky (Homeschooler) Brewster calls me a socialist for proposing that two year olds can benefit from preschool-like activities. Or maybe I'm not spunky enough to
come up with interesting activities for my son? Or is she saying I'm lazy? Has she been talking to Joe Williams? (Note to self: Figure out if I am really lazy or
if it's just my persona in the blogoshpere. Who am I?)
Michele is not only confused about her own persona but mine as well. I have no clue how she associated me with Brewster . I never called her a socialist but I do believe that universal prschool is a move toward socialism. She posted all this in response to my post yesteray on universal preschool. (She added a comment there as well.)

In any event, I am truly humbled that someone would make a whole post about little old me! It's an amazing world when a homeschool mom of 6 can attract the attention of the AFT. Maybe we really are becoming the Army of Davids that Glenn Reynolds wrote about .

Update: I must have really bugged her because she has visited again. This time accusing me of lacking a sense of humor of all things.

Spunky,I knew it was Punky, not Spunky. You lack a sense of humor. Michele at AFT
Michele, your comment indicated you were confused a little bit on the name. You said,

I guess homeschoolers don't watch TV? Spunky Brewster was a TV show that ran in 1980's. I was just kidding around a little (gotta lighten things up a bit in the edublogoshpere).
If you knew it was Punky you sure didn't say so there.

An no I don't lack a sense of humor. I actually find this whole exchange hilarious. With all the weighty issues facing the world today, we sit here quiblbling over Punky TV shows on my blog! You gotta just laugh at it all. And what's even funnier...You're getting paid to do it by the AFT and I'm not! Now that's the real joke! I wonder what union members would think if they knew how their union dues were really being spent?!?

Now if you'll please excuse me...I've had enough organized and stimulating activity for one day. I' m going to play in a box with my 2 year old for a little while.

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