Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What book would you recommend?

Carmon at Buried Treasure asked a great question on her blog in light of the librarian who recommended the Marketing of Evil to the OSU freshman. She asked,
If you were in charge of the world, what book would you make all incoming freshmen read?
My answer other than the Bible would be Mortimer Adler's book How to Read a Book. This book was first published in 1940. I wished I had read it years earlier. This book provides the framework for how to read any future book. Reading another book before this would be like giving a child the keys to the car without teaching him how to drive. This book is demanding and challenging but worth the effort. In my opinion, it's a must read for every incoming college student.

As an aside, my first assigned book as a freshman at the University of Michigan was Alexis De Toqueville's Democracy in America published in the 1830's. He wrote this of journalists,
They certainly are not great writers, but they speak their country's language and they make themselves heard."
I wonder what he would say of journalists and/or bloggers today. You can read the whole book online here.

So what book would you recommend? (I might just use this list as part of my daughter's final year of high school. )

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