Monday, April 24, 2006

State Homeschool Conventions

April showers...
...Bring May flowers.

What else springs up in May? Homeschool conventions. Most states have at least one major homeschool convention each year. It is usually held in early summer. Michigan is having their convention, INCH, at the Lansing Center May 5 & 6. Unfortunately, we have another commitment that weekend and will not be attending.

My friend and regional homeschool speaker Kathy Morrisey of Courtship Connection will be at INCH, She'll also be in Ohio, and Kentucky plus a few other area conferences. If you get a chance, go to one of her workshops. She's a dynamic mother of 8 with lots to share. If you stop by tell her Spunky said hi! (Heads up: We're also going to do a little Mother's Day contest with Kathy next week so be watching for details.)

JenIg and some of the staff of The Old Schoolhouse are going to the Florida Convention.

Tami said the North Carolina convention is May 25 & 26. in Winston Salem. She'll be a vendor and a speaker.

Shelly tells us that the Virginia hoemschool convention is June 4-6 at the Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA.

Robin informs us that the New Jersey convention is May 19-20.

Lisa at Homeiscool tells us that the Arizona convention is July 21-22.

Convicted to Complete informs us that California's CHEA is July 7-9

Homeschooling A to Z also has a list of conventions from around the country. But many states are not on that list.

I've gotten a couple of emails from people asking if I know when their state convention is held. I could google all 50 states and do the work. But I'm being lazy. So if you know when your state convention is then please leave a comment and let others know. If you have a link to the website that would be helpful too. I'll add the information to this post. And also provide a link to your site so that maybe we can get a little blogger networking going at the various conventions.

And while your at it, feel free to share some of your convention surivival tips.

My rule of thumb is set a budget and stick to it. Think of conventions like grocery shopping, have a list and buy the basics needs first. Then if you have any money left over throw in a few desserts. If you can afford it bring your children. I know some conventions don't allow it due to space. However, conventions are an excellent way to build a vision for homeschooling in your children. We've taken ours to quite a few and they enjoy the various speakers and the vendor hall as much as we do.

If you're thinking about homeschooling, a convention is a great way to learn more. Even if you don't end up homeschooling, the information is excellent and the resources are so much better than what's available at a teacher store. Many conventions have reduced pricing if you are just going to the vendor hall.

Also, here's a little convention tidbit. I used to attend computer conventions as a vendor. According to marketing research, the majority of people when they enter a vendor hall go to the right. So we always tried to get our tables on that side of the hall. That's not a particularly useful piece of information to survive the convention but I thought I'd share it anyway.

And just because I like to be extra helpful, here's a website to help you find the gas station with the cheapest gas in your area. All you have to do is type you zip code. Our gas is currently at $2.77 a gallon.

(Note: If you had trouble accessing my site, Blogger was down all morning.)

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