Friday, April 07, 2006

Reverse Psychology

Some may remember my post a while back, Help, There's a Bully in My House. In that post I talk about how we have taught the children to work out conflict on their own. (You may want to read that first in order to understand this post.)

The final step includes a walk together around the block. Well, my two year old is nobody's fool. She has learned how to "work it out" quite well without much training at all. In fact, for the last few months she's been going around the house "practicing with everyone". In the beginning she was content to just go the the "work out room" (the bathroom) giggle, pray, and come out holding hands. She even took me there a few times! But more recently she's caught on to the last part too. The part about taking a walk after you work it out. So now when ever she wants to take a walk, she says "I have something to offend you, let's go work it out." Knowing that at the end she gets a trip outside. Play time!

You gotta love how the mind of a child twists things to gain the best advantage. If I don't think of a solution quickly, we are all going to be spending our days in the bathroom and taking walks with my darling little two year old grinning the whole time.

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