Monday, April 10, 2006

Punished for Choosing Home

As we watch the steady slide toward socialism in our country, I hope we take a glance over the ocean and look at what socialism has wrought in Europe. For Dutch mothers who decide to stay at home after graduating with a college paid for by the state, that choice may be go to work or pay back some of the money they received for their education.

A prominent female member of the Dutch parliament has proposed fining college-educated Dutch women who choose to be homemakers rather than work. Sharon Dijksma, deputy chairwoman of the Dutch Labor Party, provides yet more evidence that feminism was never about giving women choices but about destroying the family in order to enhance the power of the state."

A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work -- that is destruction of capital," Dijksma said, according to the English-language Brussels Journal on March 31."

If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at society's expense, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished." In the Netherlands, the state pays for college tuition.

Thus, too, the logic of socialism: The people are taxed heavily, then provided with "free" services, and then, because the government has deigned to return some of the people's tax money back to them, politicians and bureaucrats get to run the people's lives.

Many homeschoolers here in the US take government funds to defray the costs of homeschooling. Free money is rarely free. The government expects something in return. It may not be immediately obvious but don't be fooled into thinking their not expecting something in return.

The President's Commission on Higher Education is still at work "reforming" our nation's universities . Part of the reform plan may include subsidizing at least two years of college. Remember, the whole goal is to prepare a workforce to compete in the global economy for the 21st century. When Secretary of Education Spellings introduced the commission she talked about getting a better return on their "investment". Just what is she envisioning? Is a stay at home mom baking cookies and homeschooling a positive return or would that be considered a waste of tax payer money! It all depends on who you ask.

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