Monday, April 24, 2006

News in Education

New Edubogger
Edspresso is a new EduBlog that looks to be very informative. Today they posted the first installment in an online debate on national standards in education. For all with a stake in education, this will be a blog to watch.

Tolerance Education
Last week I posted about the textbook changes in California schools. WND is now reporting, Incoming freshman to OSU - Mansfield, have to undergo a "diversity seminar" . Remind me again why my children need to go to college?

Meanwhile the Dutch just show a movie
While the faculty at OSU have a seminar in tolerance, the Dutch just show a movie to determine whether their immigrants are suitable for life in the "socially tolerant" Netherlands.

[G]iven their much vaunted toleration -- the Dutch are ramming secularism down the less-than-enthusiastic throats of immigrants. This has its funny side. There is a campaign to "educate" people in Dutch libertarian values -- including gay marriage. Prospective immigrants are shown films featuring guys kissing in a park to gauge teir ability to fit into Dutch society.
I doubt the Muslim immigrants find that film funny. The clash betwen the Muslims and the socially tolerant Dutch is threatening to collapse the Dutch social structure.

Unschooling Goes Mainstream
From the Washington Post,
Justin will graduate in June from the highly unconventional Fairhaven School with a diploma that may require explanation to a college or future boss. He took no tests in his three years at the private school, received no grades and had no course requirements. But he played electric guitar, read and wrote poetry, made friends and got the last laugh on lunch. "No more tater tots!" he said.
Sounds like my home some days. Only Spunky Homeschool doesn't have any tuition.

The idea of vouchers has been bandied about a step toward choice and true education reform. Many homeschoolers are favorable toward them. I don't endorse vouchers for the simple reason that with the cash comes the control. Milwaukee is a case study in vouchers. They now have a law requiring private schools that accept vouchers to be accredited.
Accreditation will be a way of saying, "If you're going to run a school in the city of Milwaukee, there are certain standards we have to set, and if you're not willing to meet those standards, you should not be running a school," said [former state superintendant Fuller]
Sadly, many private Christian schools seem to accept this as necessary.

"I feel it's needed. I feel we should be accountable," said Michael Hutchinson, the leader of Washington DuBois Christian Leadership Academy. "Since you're dealing with God's most precious possessions, his children, why not take those extra steps?"
I guess being accountable to God and the parents isn't enough for some people. And homeschoolers want to get in on vouchers? No thanks!

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