Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Musings

Here's a few news items of interest. I also have a question at the end. I'd love to hear your opinion.

Quote of the Day
"In public education, we don't ask kids to think. There is little pushing back on a kid to get him to explain, 'How do you know what you know?' "
So said Chief Accountability Officer Meria J. Carstarphen of the Washington D.C. schools. The quote was in reference to new types of questions being asked on their standardized exams to get children to explain their aswers. My advice: Beware the thought police.

Education News recognizes Why Homeschool
Congrats to Henry Cate for his well done interview with Education News. Nice job Henry.

Reasons to homeschool and political affiliation
According to a recent Harris online interactive survey
Republicans are more likely than Democrats to know someone who currently homeschools their child (40% vs. 29%). Party identification also distinguishes adults' views on parents' motivations for homeschooling their children. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to cite religious or moral instruction (69% vs. 56%) and student behavior problems (50% vs. 43%) as main reasons behind homeschooling. In contrast, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to cite schools being too crowded to provide individual attention (44% vs. 35%) and educating children with special needs (42% vs. 33%) as main reasons for homeschooling.
Homeschoolers Anonymous
Homeschool graduates who go on to Harvard have banded to together to form their own club. The founder of the group says he picked the name to make fun of the stereotype that "all homeschoolers lack social skills and need support to enter society."

What would you have done?
This isn't exactly homeschool related but I'm curious how others would have repsonded. A few weeks ago I was in church enjoying a bagel after service. I glanced to my left and a young lady about nineteen years of age was sitting with her friends. Obvious, to anyone within a 15 foot distance was the fact that her low riding jeans were, well, riding kinda low. Real low. I hope I don't need to say any more than that. I wasn't the only one who noticed. Plenty of eyes were upon her. I discreetly walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and whispered that her back end was showing. Obviously embarrassed she hoisted up her jeans and quickly left the scene. No more was said. Until yesterday. Her angry mother thought my actions were totally inappropriate and let me know it in no uncertain terms. Her mother was not there during our first encounter otherwise I would have spoken to her directly. But I would have felt awful not saying anything. I was stunned. I was trying to save this young lady from embarrassement. But this mother made me feel awful for saying something and thought my actions incredibly judgmental of her daughter. Saying I should just be thankful she was in church no matter how she was dressed. For me it wasn't WHAT she was wearing, but HOW she was wearing it. Or not wearing it in this case.

So what do you think? Was I wrong to say something? What would you have done?

Further, with summer months approaching how do you handle the public "undressing" of young ladies. My own 17 year old daughter wouldn't consider dresssing in the tops that at one time only worn UNDER something else.. She's not a frump either but has too much self respect to dress in many of today's styles.

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