Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Gender War

We're hearing a lot of buzz these days about the Mommy Wars. The feminists are angry that some women are actually choosing home instead of a career. Apparently they are also angry that some women are not choosing specific careers in the hard sciences.

More men than women, it seems, choose to study math or science in college. Rememer to a feminist, choice is a bad thing if it isn't the choice they would make. So the feminists are crying "discrimination" and threatening to sue the university to end the disparity. For a few days, it even seemed like the Bush Adminstration was going to get involved in fixing the problem.

No stranger to battling the feminist agenda, Phyllis Schlafly shares her thoughts at Town Hall on what's really going on;

There isn't a shred of evidence that women are discriminated against in math and science; there are no separate tracks for men's math and women's math. There simply is a higher proportion of men than women who voluntarily choose math and engineering just as more men choose competitive sports.

The feminists want a quota-imposed unisex society regardless of the facts of life, voluntary choice, human nature, common sense, or documented merit. And they use the power of government to achieve their goal.

Not so says Debra Rolison of the Naval Research Laboratory. She believes women are "experiencing a different climate" than men. To me, that's code for, "they don't cater to us". My heart breaks for these women. Welcome to the real world. I survived the climate and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Are you saying that women today are weaker than the ones 25 years ago and need extra help?

Schlafly makes a good point later in her article, citing the obvious disparity in the number of women to male teachers in our public schools.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration ignores the gender disparity that is having very hurtful consequences: the precipitous decline in male schoolteachers. The number of male public school teachers has fallen to only 20 percent, and at the elementary school level fewer than 10 percent of teachers are men, giving boys the distinct impression that school is not for them.
And it seems to be working. According to a NY Times, a report is being released today declaring Boys Are No Match for Girls in Completing High School.
Nationwide, about 72 percent of the girls in the high school class of 2003 — but only 65 percent of the boys — earned diplomas, a gender gap that is far more
pronounced among minorities, according to a report being released today by the Manhattan Institute.
If anyone needs a "climate change" it's our boys. So will we hear the feminists demand more male teachers to end the disparity, provide a positive role model, and "save our boys"? I wouldn't hold my breath. While the feminists rage on, our boys sit in bored, Ritalin induced stupers. They, in time, become the unmotivated men that Leonard Sax wrote about in the Washington Post and that the Boys Project seeks to now help.

Thankfully, there is a generation of kids who have escaped the clutches of the feminists and are free to be the young men and women that God created them to be.

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