Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can Bloggers Make Money?

Today's free feature at the Wall Street Journal is a friendly debate attempting to answer that question.

Blogs have a lot of buzz, but there's still considerable debate about whether that can translate into profits.

While many blogs remain little more than amateur diaries, several bloggers have tried to parlay their online ramblings into branded businesses. One, Jason Calacanis, co-founded Weblogs Inc., a network of blogging sites that was acquired last year by AOL. Mr. Calacanis has been an outspoken proponent of blogs as business vehicles, arguing that quality content can drive enough traffic to attract advertisers.

But longtime Internet entrepreneur Alan Meckler is skeptical. Mr. Meckler, who is chief executive of Jupitermedia Inc., believes that some blogs may achieve a measure of success, but doubts most blogs will be able to generate meaningful

The two agreed to debate the issue for the Online Journal,

You can read the exchange here.

I think the question boils down to making enough money to pay for my Starbuck's addiction or make enough to pay the mortgage? As long as I'm in one of the two categories, I'm happy.

But someone has found SpunkyHomeschool a valuable brand name and is hoping to make a little profit. They bought the domain name and are willing to sell it back to me for $400.

I'll pass.

I admit to being a little flattered by it all. Maybe one day I'll be famous. You know, Oprah, Madonna, Tiger, and Spunky! I've thought about confounding them and changing my name. Then it would be Oprah, Madonna, Tiger, and the "blogger formerly known as Spunky!" Hey, it worked for Prince!

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