Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Baptist Growing Division

One group of Baptists say pull your children out of public school.

A group of Baptists activists who two years ago tried to get the Southern Baptist Convention to approve a resolution urging the faithful to pull their children out of government schools announced they are proposing a similar measure this year.
One of the leaders of the resolution Dr. Bruce Shortt stated,

"The government's schools haven't merely failed; they are destroying our children spiritually and morally. Academically, the public school system is as dead as Elvis. Unfortunately, many Christian pastors and leaders still try to evade the cold, hard facts by talking about 'school reform' and 'salt and light.' Well, we've tried that strategy for 40 years and more, and, after trillions of dollars of reform, anyone who takes a serious look at the consequences of our government school habit can see that the Church has been hemorrhaging children for more than a generation and that the public schools are stuck on stupid morally and academically.
In response another group of Baptists say support your public schools. A letter was circulated among its members.

The letter said it's wrong for church leaders to urge their congregations to abandon public schools in favor of homeschooling or private Christian academies.

"We believe Baptists should recommit themselves to public education, not as a means toward converting school children, but because it's the right thing to do,"

We call on Baptists to recommit themselves to the separation of church and state, which will keep public schools free from coercive pressure to promote sectarian faith, such as state-written school prayers and the teaching of neo-creationism (intelligent design)."

As the public schools spiral into moral relativism, this debate is going to intensify.

The church is the gathering of believers. The state is the government. If people are really desiring the of "separation of church and state" then it would seem that the believer would be separated from the state schools. That, to me, is true separation of church and state isn't it?

Read Why We Homeschool to understand our scriptural mandate to educate our children in the fear of the Lord.

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