Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Want to get paid to blog?

Sorry guys this one's not for you. Besides, most of you blog at work and are already getting paid. No fair double dipping.

This opportunity is for the all the blogging moms out there. ClubMom is looking for bloggers to join their team. They have two opportunities available.

1. Mom Bloggers. There willing to pay $500 a month for topic specific blog writers on a variety of topics from parenting, homeschooling, money, family, and business.

2. Best of Mom Blog Round-up. This one's a little more involved. The winning candidate will create a daily round-up blog which consists of descriptions and links to the best blog content written by moms or of interest to moms. Compensation is $1000 per month.

Deadline for consideration is March 30.

UPDATE: Here's another writing opportunity. Heather tells us about a new volume in the series when God Allows U Turns. Have you ever had to make a tough choice as a mom? As a couple? As a family? Here’s a chance to submit your story.

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