Friday, March 03, 2006

University of Indoctrination

Since this is expose the teacher week, I thought I'd share my own experience during a lecture at the University of Michigan. I just wish I had taped it like Shawn Allen.

When I was a senior, I took a class in Sociology. It was a requirement I somehow missed in my early days. I was the only upper classman in a among about 50 freshman. It was a pretty uneventful class until toward the end of the semester. The professor started to talk about religion, God, and free will. He lectured us for about 30 minutes on why there was no such thing as God or free will. That everything we think and do is determined by our environment with little choice from us. Most of the class sat there feverishly taking notes. My temperature was rising but it wasn't from taking notes.

He concluded his lecture rather smugly with the question, "So, does anyone still think there is a God and that we have a free will?"

He was met by blank stares from most, a few shakes of the head, and one hand that went up. Mine.

"Yes, I have free will." I stated emphatically."

Oh, really. And what young lady do you have the free will to do?" He said, looking down at me.

"I can worship my God any where I choose." (The class groaned.)

"I could make it illegal and put you in jail." (The class squirmed.)

"Yes, but I can still worship God in jail."

"I could cut out your tongue." (The class stared at me.)

"Yes, but I can still worship with my mind."

"I can have you killed." (The class was silent.)

"You haven't solved a thing, I will now be in heaven worshipping my Creator eternally."

At this point, a friend interrupted the discussion and said to the professor, don't argue with her you're never going to win.

The flustered professor looked at his watch, muttered something about having to get going and dismissed class early. Intimidation and indoctrination only work for those who do not know or are not convinced of their own beliefs.

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