Friday, March 31, 2006

Teaching Tolerance

When I was in grade school, I received a star on my paper if I did my work well. I don't know if teachers still do that but here's a teacher who chose to give out stars for another reason. Middle schoolers with the last names beginnng L -Z were given yellow stars of David and designated as "Jews for the day". They were forbidden from drinking from the fountains, forced to the back of the lunch line, and treated as outcasts by their classmates. This simulation exercise upset both the children and their parents. The teacher was teaching on the Holocaust and wanted to give the children a lesson in "tolerance".

Meanwhile, Arizona high school students are apparently not understanding "tolerance" very well. A Mexican flag was burned by six students after it was allegedly flown higher than the American flag. Additional police were called to the campus to monitor the students. Tensions are high over the immigration reform proposed by Congress. But the students think it might not just be just from this week's events.

Freshman Chelsea Garcia, 15, and junior Brittany Ramage, 16, said the unrest had more to do with long-running racial tensions at the school.

The week's events might have sparked some anger, Ramage said, "but kids aren't too deep about that stuff."

What lessons in tolerance are going to solve these tensions?

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