Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Submitted but equal

Last week I had the privilege of writing an article for the Spring issue of The Old Schoolhouse on Missey Gray. As part of the assignment I talked with her husband Tom. I was nervous. How do you ask a man to share about his wife so soon after her passing. Any apprehension vanished as I listened to this quiet man with a southern drawl share about his wife. The conversation was truly inspiring. He shared stories and tidbits that made me laugh and cry. The most memorable statement came as he shared about Missey's devotion to him and the home. He acknowledged all of the talk today about how women need to be equal to men. Missey chose to reject the foolishness of feminism for the joy of marriage and family. Tom reciprocated with an increasing measure of love and devotion. He admitted, "
The more she practiced biblical submission, the more she became my equal.

Let the feminists rage. Their rantings are no match for a marriage or home built on the foundation of Christ's love.

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