Thursday, March 02, 2006

Student records teacher's rant

Just what are some teachers saying to their students? Enterprising student, Sean Allen, is causing quite a stir by recording his teacher's rant against Bush, capitalism, and foreign policy. and then giving it to a local radio station.

In the 20-minute recording, made on an MP3 player, teacher Jay Bennish described capitalism as a system "at odds with human rights." He also said there were "eerie similarities" between what Bush said during his Jan. 28 State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say." The United States was "probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth," Bennish also said on the tape.
The rant took place in the student's high school geography class. It's no wonder we don't know much about geography. The teacher has been placed on leave. Students from the 2000 student high school have walked out of the school today in support of the teacher.

Listen to the recording here. My children found it very humorous and you'll be glad you homeschool. (It is 20 minutes long.)

Michelle Malkin has the transcript. I wonder how long it will take before the schools ban MP3 players in the classroom?

Stop the ACLU informed me that Jay Bennish has hired an attorney. Rumor has it he has hired is David Lane. The same lawyer for Ward Churchill.

Slapstick Politics has lots of links on this as well.

None of this would even be an issue of we had true freedom of choice in education. (See next post.)

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