Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Student protests in LA

I admit ignorance on most of the immigration issues facing our country. However, the student protest in LA yesterday caught my attention. Thousands of students took to the streets in protest of the new immigration law in Congress. The school district wasn't too pleased.

LAUSD school board member David Tokofsky said as many as 21 campuses took part in the protest, and that the district was ready to provide buses to take the students back to their schools.

"There's always a tender balance between the learning that happens in text books and the learning that happens from experience, especially with government issues," Tokofsky said as he watched the students gathered at City Hall. "I know that the children are very concerned about their parents and grandparents and how this law might affect them, but I would much rather have the kids sitting in a classroom, reading about how a bill becomes a law."

I'm sure he would. But it seems to me these kids have learned the process quite well on their own.

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