Friday, March 24, 2006

Simply Spunky Once Again

As of yesterday afternoon, I have resigned my position as contributing writer and independent contractor at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. My final online featured blogger post will be next Friday and my final print article will appear in the summer '06 issue.

I have enjoyed my work with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and HomeschoolBlogger over the past year and appreciate my readers' encouragement and support.

I am eager to continue homeschooling my children, blogging at SpunkyHomeschool, and whatever else God may have in store.

Update Sat. AM: Congratulations to Nancy Carter. She is taking over my duties at The Old Schoolhouse. As for me, I'm spending the rest of the weekend away from my desk. Instead, I'm going to take my husband up on his offer of a Starbuck's (see comments) and go play outside with my kids. It's the first time it's snowed here since mid Decemeber. So much for an early spring.

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