Friday, March 24, 2006

Red America

One of the great things about the blogsosphere is that anyone can do it. But just because you can that doesn't mean you won't get criticized. Especially if you are a homeschool grad just hired to blog for the Washington Post. Ben Domenech has been hired to blog for Red America. If you have a night of insomnia and desperate for something mindless to read you can take a look at the ranting of those upset with the Post's decision to put a "conservative homeschooler" on the payroll. Michelle Malkin picked up this comment,

His mom admits home-schooling is a full- time job.
Don't these women have lives?

Don't they want lives?

I understand getting on him, but picking on his mother? Come on. What possibly can a poor woman without a real job or a life of her own teach her son that would be such a threat to the liberal left?

Update: Thanks to commentor Ken C. we are being told that Mr. Domenech is being suspected of plagarism for some of his past writing. Michelle Malkin provides the details. It's not clear whether the allegation is true. RedState is providing their perpsective here.

Update Friday evening: Chalk another one up to for the blogosphere. Ben Domenech resigned his position todya. Jim Brady the Executive Editor, wrote this on the RedAmerica blog,
We appreciate the speed and thoroughness with which our readers and media outlets surfaced these allegations. Despite the turn this has taken, we believe this event, among other things, testifies to the positive and powerful role that the Internet can play in the the practice of journalism.
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(Note: Michelle Malkin's link contains profanity.)

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