Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PHAT Tuesday

No this post isn't giving you permission to go out and eat more donuts again. (Although I wouldn't object if you did.) This is about the Homeschool Carnival hosted at PHAT Mommy's Blog. Check it out.

I've already hit a few of the links. Heather a Sprittibee is worth checking out if you are looking for Preschool and Kindergarten materials. Another of my favorite bloggers is Dana at Principled Discovery. She has a perspective on education and homeschooling that is always challenging and informative.

And by the way, I would like to compliment Henry and Janine Cate on running such a wonderful carnival. They jumped into this "green" but are handling the details like seasoned pros. If you haven't been to their blog Why Homeschooling stop on over and say thanks.

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