Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm exhaustergized


That's my own made up term for how I feel after attending a homeschool convention. I'm exhausted from a full day of walking, talking, looking, and considering all the things that are out there. I am energized as well. As much as I enjoy writing for this blog, I love getting out and interacting with other homeschoolers. It is invigorating and motivting to spend a day with others who have a passion and excitement for the same things. It makes you want to go home and well homeschool your kids!

I had a lot of fun meeting a few fellow bloggers and readers. Jenna is just beginning her homeschool journey. I enjoyed reading her perspective on her first convention. Michelle flagged me down and we had a fun chat as well.

I spent more money than I had planned. But that's what happens when you take your children with you to a convention. They battled the used sale like pros. And my girls were like kids in a candy shop at the Charlotte Mason book table. "Just one more book, please Mom?" "Sure, why not."

They were also very patient to wait as I was stopped to answer questions and talk to many old friends I hadn't seen in a while. My daughter finally asked at one point, "Does everyone know you here mom?" Not quite, but I do enjoy the wonderful friendships that God has blessed me with.

My workshop on Education Reform went well. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. (And I talk fast!) To my amazement many stayed around in the hall to listen to my conclusion.

If you are here from my workshop or convention then let me welcome you to SpunkyHomeschool. For the many who asked, "What's a blog?" This is it. Take a look around. And if you feel comfortable leave me a note to tell me you stopped by. And I forgot to mention it in the workshop but the copy of The Old Schoolhouse you received has a an article with many of the things I discussed in my talk. The archives has a few links as well. If you need help finding something specific let me know.

But right now, I'm going to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream. It's the perfect ending to this fun day.

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