Thursday, March 02, 2006

Freedom of Choice

Week by week, John Stossel keeps chipping away at state control of education. This week he addresses competition.
Bureaucrats like to say, you will go to this school, because we said so, and you will be taught according to this program, because we said so and we know best. Those of us with confidence in markets think you could do better deciding for yourself. Neither the bureaucrats nor the freedom lovers can judge what's in your interest better than you can. One big difference is, we know what we don't know, while they think they know everything.Would you keep going back to a restaurant that served you a bad meal? Or a barber that gave you a bad haircut?
Why is it that choice is a bad thing? Why is it that just because I buy a house on a certain street the government has the right to dictate my choice in education. Sure, they say you can go elsewhere but you must continue to pay for this one too! That's ridiculous. I don't have to pay McDonald's just because I chose to eat at Wendy's instead.

And please don't tell me that I lack compassion on the poor. I've been told that government needs to be involved because some parents will neglect their duties. That some would neglect their duties is not a reason for the government to compell ALL children to go to their schools. It's not I who lack compassion, it is they who lack faith in the American people.

Why do we tolerate this in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Or maybe it's because we as a nation know more about Bart Simpson than our freedoms and our rights. So much for the argument that public education is necessary to pass on American values. Or wait, maybe we are. (Hat tip: My hubby.)

Update: La Shawn's blogging about the importance of knowing our rights and freedoms.

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