Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Criminal Mom

There were some that found my post yesterday They Admit It a little irritating. How dare I claim that the state's goal is the breakdown of the family. Well, consider the plight of this poor mother. All she wants to volunteer in her son's class but first she must submit to fingerprinting and a criminal background by the Department of Justice and the FBI!

[I] want to be in my own son's classroom, to see how it functions, and who the children are who are going to school with him. Instinctively, I also have some issues with handing over a set of my fingerprints to the FBI. There's this little thing called the Fourth Amendment, and there is no justifiable reason to take my fingerprints, much less at my cost and inconvenience. It strikes me as really odd that the same moms who were complaining about federal wiretaps of suspected terrorists are perfectly happy to give their fingerprints to the same federal organization just so they can punch lap cards at the spring walk-a-thon.

The expense is paid out of the parent's pocket by by cashiers check or money order. No cash allowed. The tale continued even after she found out that state law regarding background checks didn't apply to volunteer parents. So what's she going to do about it?

I did write a strongly worded letter to the district superintendent and the school board president, but I don't have high hopes of them paying attention to it. I'm just opting out of my son's school life, and I'm afraid a lot of other parents will, too.

Another "Queen Bee" morphs into an drone as the state successfully puts another parent back in their place: Outside Class.

(HT: Joanne Jacobs via the Carnival of Education hosted by Edwonk)

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