Monday, March 20, 2006

Conflicts in the Home

I had a few people ask recently how we resolve conflicts in our home. I wrote a post last year called Help! There's a bully in my house that details how we taught our children to handle a disagreement. Here's a little to get you started.

Every school has them. My home is no different. There are those children who seek to dominate others with their might. Other "bully's" are more subtle. They can't win on might so they use other methods to get their way. Either way it's chaos for all involved.Around here a disagreement would take place. Then the offended would usually come running to me with a cry of , "Mommy, Mommy he blah blah blah' This used to frustrate me. I felt like a fireman constantly running to the next explosion. As more children kept getting added to the family I could see quickly where this was headed. There must be a better way!
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This process hasn't made our home conflict free but it certainly has made it a more peaceful place without a lot of bitter feelings or fractured relationships.

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