Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Carnivals and other links

Due to taking last weekend off, I completely missed submitting something to the Carnival of Homeschooling. I did however make my way over there to read many of the entries. The Carnival is being hosted by Why Homeschooling.

The Education Carnival is being hosted by Right Wing Nation. I did manage to get a post in there but just barely before the buzzer.

Sherry at Semicolon pointed me to this article. Too many book, too little space. That's definitely a problem around my house. We have six book cases in the room I am sitting in right now. Each is six feet tall. And it's going to get worse. My dad is a book collector. He doesn't read most of them. He just collects them. He keeps threatening to will them all to me. I love you dad, but 1000 books on how to be a financial success is not my idea of an inheritance.

While I'm on the subject of books, remember my post on the Crunchy Cons. Well, I just received the book Crunchy Cons from the library. Spunky Jr. has already read it. She said, he's a bit goofy but with a seriously organic side. I'm not sure what she means. But she was laughing when she said it. I'll be reading it soon. Thanks to At a Hen's Place for encouraging me to read it.

One more book of note before I go. If you haven't picked up Barbara Curtis's book Dear Lord Meet Me in the Laundry Room. You should. Although Barbara and I come from totally different backgrounds there is a common joy shared in finding God in the everyday happening of our day. Barbara's book testifies to the truth that God's mercies are new every morning.

And this last little ditty is off topic but I just have to share what my daughter just prayed before she and her 2 year old sister ate their pop tart breakfast, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this pop tart. Even though it's full of just sugar. Make it healthy for my body somehow. Amen." My two year old repeated each word after her. Too cute! (Note: Pop tarts are rare around here. They were a gift from a friend yesterday.)

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