Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bush on trial

Earlier this week came the news of a teacher delivering a liberal rant to his high school geography students. Now we have Bush on trial at another high school in New Jersey for alleged "crimes against civilian populations"and "inhumane treatment of prisoners." An "international court" of teachers was supposed to make a determination of guilt or innocence. The proceedings nearly ended in a mistrial after the teacher was sharply criticized by many around the nation for the exercise. However, the school determined that it was in keeping with the districts curriculum. James Dwyer the interim superintendant said, "The focus is on the process itself, not on any outcome,"

Catherine Galdun, one of four student prosecutors said, she would be upset if the trial is halted. "I would say that we're doing this in a fair and balanced way,"

I'm all for debating current issues and presenting both sides. But I think you can do that without accusing the President. Also, let's be accurate in the teaching. If a President is accused of a crime isn't it the responsibility of the Senate to impeach him. If the process is what is important why aren't we teaching them the correct process? I'd hardly call that fair and balanced teaching.

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