Friday, March 10, 2006

The Blind Leading the Blind

(via Edwonk)

Chicago Public Schools require blind students to take drivers education in order to graduate from high school.

For Teniya Booker, 17, who lost her sight after she was shot at age 3, the class proved to be one more struggle in an already challenging class load. The Curie
junior said she went to school feeling ill because she was worried about flunking the class if she missed more than three days. And she only passed because one of her special education teachers translated some material into Braille.

"Why should we have to memorize how a street sign looks when we are never going to see them while driving?"

The blind students can see the ridiculousness of such requirement. What's amazing is some school officials don't see a problem at all!

And these are the people we're trusting to reform our educational system? Honestly, most of us wouldn't loan our car to these same people without knowing more about them? Then why does anyone trust them with their child?

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