Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Professing to be wise.....

So what do some of those in the ivory towers of academia think about homeschooling, Quoting from an article in BusinessWeek, here's what Stanford education Professor Robert Reich had to say,

Homeschooling isn't universally applauded as a solution, however. Some parents and educators worry that it retards children's socialization. Others say it siphons much-needed resources like per-pupil funding and the activism of the most savvy parents. Schooling in isolation could threaten civic cohesion and diversity of thought, says Stanford University education professor Rob Reich.

Reich favors stricter homeschooling regulations to supplant the current patchwork of state laws so that children can be assured of exposure to more than just what their parents sanction. He also worries about parents pushing homeschooling on their kids

Mr. Reich let me put your mind at ease. I do not like nor do I sanction the chicken pox. However, all my children were exposed and got them. Amazingly without government regulation and testing. So just what can regulation expose my children to that they aren't already exposed to on their own?

And from the Columbus Dispatch, Professor Bainbridge writes,
If education really is a state function, as provided by law, then carefor a more rigorous evaluation of home schooling. Many educators are offended by an attitude among some parents of home schoolers that untrained, and sometimes uneducated, parents can do as well or better teaching as professionally trained educators. While home schooling appears to meet the needs of some familes, society must consider whether it erodes support for public schools.
You give homeschoolers way to much credit Mr. Bainbridge. The public schools do a great job of eroding support all on their own. (HT: Daryl)

With thinking like this it makes you want to keep them home for college too!

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