Monday, February 06, 2006

No Parental Controls

According to a Boston Globe article, police in Connecticut are investigating whether the assaults of seven young girls was sparked by conversations on The men allegedly found out about the girls through the website. Parents are upset about the lack of oversight and control by the administrators of Connecticut State Attorney General Blumenthal commented,
As a parent, I find it appalling and abhorrent that a Web site would so poorly police its pages," Blumenthal said. "This Web site is a parent's worst nightmare."
I am sorry that this happened to the girls, but is this a MySpace problem or a parenting problem? I find it amazing that a parent would expect any company to do what they won't do on their own - monitor their children. I have seen many parents just drop their children off at the library to do "homework". The next thing you know these kids are online chatting away with no supervision at all.

Some may view MySpace as a parent's worst nightmare. In reality, the parents lack of control has turned into the young girls' worst nightmare.

(HT: Daryl )

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