Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"I've given up"

Middle schoolers are increasingly wearing provocative attire to school. Says, a school administrator in New Hampshire

Middle school students, who are generally between 12 and 15 years old, often wear revealing or inappropriate clothing as they enter adolescence to follow new fashion trends, said John Moody, superintendent of schools for the Derry School District."They are testing the limits," he said. "It's part of being a teenager."

Inappropriate clothing is as common in New Hampshire as it is in any other state and is turning into a rite of passage for many younger students looking to fit in. Short skirts and saggy jeans are often the norm for middle-schoolers.

Sari Wilbur is a mother of four, the youngest of which is an eighth-grader in Windham, and said she wishes schools would provide more clear guidelines on what students should and should not wear. She said if it were up to her, all the boys would wear collared shirts, and skimpy or ragged clothing would be banned.My daughter has the biggest holes in her jeans you've ever seen, but it's fashion," she said. "By the fourth child I've given up."

This mother wants the school set the guidelines? Short skirts and saggy jeans may be the norm but they are NOT normal. It doesn't have to be part of being a teenager. The problem is not the children but the parents. They have given up and given in to the "village" to raise their children. And when the village conflicts with their standard, do they hold fast? No, they give up and actually buy the stuff! What's amazing is that this mother doesn't even realize it's not just the battle for dress that she's lost with her daughter. She's lost her authority as a parent and maybe even her heart as well.

In contrast, this mother of a middle schooler hasn't given up on her daughter. Instead, she's giving up on the public schools. She's taking back the reins of her daughter's education and spirit. Here's why,
Middle school has been tough. I've watched a funny, smart, brave, vibrant young girl become unsure, worried, frustrated and sad. Public school teaching is not working for her. Bullies run rampant and stay on their target victims year after year. In 3 years, 6th, 7th and 8th, with no help from the administration. "Just ignore it" is no longer a solution. Particularly when it is effecting your childs education and their spirit.
Welcome home.

Via Edwonk.

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