Saturday, February 11, 2006

Homeschooling works

Where are they now?
This week I spotlighted what happens when homeschoolers grow up . A few moms, whose children particpated in the Dr. Ray's study, left a comment about what their graduates are doing. I would love to hear more stories. My oldest is almost 17. I want to finish our journey strong. We both receive a boost of encouragement when we read these stories. So if you have children that have moved on to the next season in their lives please share your experiences. If you blog about it please let me know. If you don't have a blog but would like to tell your story, email me. I'll consider posting it here at Spunky Homeschool. Please don't hold back from sharing because your child did not get into Harvard at 16. (College entrance is not the only definition of successful education.) God leads each child and the goal is not to compare and cast judgement but to learn from all who have walked this journey.

Homeschooling Support Group Round-up
Thanks for all the input on homeschool support groups. (Feel free to continue commenting.) The comments on my HSB blog were quite good too. I was surprised by how many have had a similar experience to me. Thankfully, I have never been a part of the major conficts that I observed in many of the groups in our area. However, the stress of these conflicts left many who were not directly involved in the awkward middle. If you associated with one side the other viewed you with suspicion. It became a no win situation all the way around.

Homeschooling Works
I'll be speaking at the Homeschooling Works conference in our area. My topic is education reform and teaching to the test. I'm looking forward to presenting many of the new developments in education reform. (A blog is fun but I much prefer public speaking. ) If you are in the Detroit area on March 18 I'd love to meet you.

Road Trip
We will also be traveleing to South Carolina the weekend of May 21. Miles Road Baptist Church in Summerville (near Charleston) has invited my husband to deliver the keynote address at their 10th Annual "Flag & Cross" Patriotic Service. There was a time when a "union soldier" in Charleston, SC would be shot. I sure hope we experience more of the southern hospitatlity than Rebel hostitlity.

We hope to take a swing through Tennessee on our way down to meet with The Old Schoolhouse publishers Gena and Paul. We'd love to meet up with others or speak in other locations along the way. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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