Monday, February 27, 2006

Get Lost

It's hard enough for parents to go against the rapidly declining culture these days. But it can get down right frustrating when Christian leaders endorse and particpate in the decline. Consider this from Focus on the Family in the teen section of their website (also in Brio Magazine) A teen asked the people at Focus their thoughts on a popular TV show,

I've really enjoyed the ABC drama "Lost." What do you think of it?
In the answer, Bob Smithouser, admitted to being hooked on the show and adds,

Of course, TV is all about ratings. There's no telling what might crop up on "Lost" from week to week. We've already run into disappointing language, violence and a few sexual situations, but they've been the exception, not the rule. Should that change and the Holy Spirit tells us to walk away, we have to be willing to do it no matter how invested in the story we might be.
Where is the line? How much language, violence, and sex is too much for the Holy Spirit to start waving His Holy Warning?

Here's how a friend of mine answered this question to his teenage son. His son wanted to watch an popular movie, it just had a few bad scenes. The son argued the show was good despite a few bad parts. That the good outweighed the bad. The father was not swayed with this argument. Instead, the following day he baked a pan of brownies for his son. Just as the son was about to bite into the delicious morsel the dad informed him that along with all the delicious chocolate and sugar he also mixed in a small portion of the doo doo from their golden retriever. The son quickly lost his appetitie for the brownie. But the dad assured him that there was just a little bit and the rest of the ingredients were very nutritious and outweighed the small portion that the dog contributed. The son quickly got the point.

Psalm 101:3 "I will set no unclean thing before my eyes."

It doesn't say a few unclean things. Sadly, instead of directing their young readers to the scripture, Mr. Smithhouser seeks a divine revelation to tell them when to turn it off. How much is too much? Scripture says NONE. So any "divine revelation" with a different amount isn't very divine at all. Maybe my friend can bake up another batch of those brownies for Mr. Smithouser at Focus on the Family.

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