Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Education News

Theres so much news out there here is just a quick take on all of the latest buzz.

Carnival of Homeschooling
Why Homeschooling muses over the many different topics available at the Carnival of Homeschooling. I'm categorized as Polyhymnia, while my husband is in Melpomene muse of tragedy.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
The book has drawn the praises of many in the homeschool community. Amanda Bennet said of Kiyosaki's materials,
They provide an excellent way to learn the very important basics of sound money management and learn key principles of business. His books and games also encourage education for entrepreneurship, which I also strongly encourage!
In Part II Steve examines the roots to Kiyosaki's deceptive philosphy. This leads to the biggest lie of all; There is no rich dad. So much for key business principles. Honesty is one of the most necessary principles. That many are using this book to teach their children is the real tragedy.

Teaching to the Test
Washington Posts's education writer Jay Mathews thinks teaching to the test isn't a bad thing. He believes that those who disagree do so out of fear of the unknown. He misses the point. Government controls testing. Testing drives curriculum. Curriculum drives what is taught. What is taught drives what is thought. It's that simple.

The Value of Punditry
Last week Richard Cohen lit up the blogosphere with his opinion about algebra. Mike Antonucci at Intercepts responds with a hilarious paraody, What is the value of punditry?

I don't know what to tell Richard. The blogosphere now requires newspaper columnists and reporters to think a little more carefully about their previously acclaimed scribbling in the face of more critical readers. All it seems to do, though, is ruin the lives of countless middle-aged former guardians of truth and the conventional wisdom. In D.C., more and more pundits are being upstaged by
guys and gals in their pajamas. It hardly seems right.
Read the whole thing.

A More Perfect Union
The NEA has formed a partnership with the AFL-CIO. The claim is to help working families. Me thinks its to preserve the ailing union. Kudos to Mike Antonucci for seeing this before the others.

Lunch with the Prez
Twelve year old homeschooler Cayla Hulse gets to eat lunch with the President as the guest of her Congressman. Like a typical girl she's trying to figure out what to wear. (HT: Gena)

The World is Flat
I can see more clearly now why the government is crying "crisis". If you haven't read Thomas Friedmans' book The World is Flat you won't completely understand what is driving the current push toward achievement in math and science. I totally disagree with many of Mr. Friedman's progressive conclusions. It seems the solution to everything is more government involvement.

An elementary school in California is making students wear a Radio Frequencey Identification (RFID) badge. Safety and attendance tracking are said to be the main reasons for the badge worn around the neck. This is the same thing they are using to track livestock and cattle. Need I say more. (HT: Izzy)

Children Meet Your New Teacher
Maybe it's the teachers who need an RFID. How would you explain this to your child? Students at Eagleswood Elementary School knew him as Mr. McBeth last year. But this year he is now a she. After McBeth, the divorced 71 year old father of 3, became a woman. The parents will rage for a while but in the end little Johnny will continue to get on the bus. (Thanks to Jessica for the tip. )

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