Monday, January 02, 2006

Who's News in '06

A journalist for the Atlanta Journal and Consitution asked "WHY?" in an editorial cartoon. He used the names of 2000 soldiers killed in Iraq in the illustration. The best answer came from Danielle Ansley an 11th-grader at Arlington Christian School. She also used the names of the fallen soldiers in her reply.

What do I have to do to homeschool?
That is a question I get asked fairly often. My short answer is, "have a baby". And that's what Kim at Large Family Logistics did last week. She has added one more to their quiver. Brielle Marie was born on Tuesday the 27th. She is a whopping 9 lbs. 14 oz. Ouch! If my math is correct, I think that makes eight children. What a blessing! Kim was also the winner in the Homeschool Blog Awards for Best Family Blog.

I was also hoping to announce the birth of my niece. But she's taking her sweet time about things. This will be baby number seven for my sister and the 24th grandchild for my parents. As a side note, Happy Birthday to my sister. She and I are actually the same age right now. My mom had us only 10 months apart.

See you at the Carnival!
Today is the last day to submit entries to the Homeschool Blog Carnival. Why Homeschooling is hosting the carnival and has all the details. Henry Cate plans on opening the Carnival later today or tomorrow.

From Computer to 5k
One of my goals this year is to run in a 5K race with my son. So I was excited to see that Tulip Girl is on track to do the same thing. She posted an excellent link, Couch to 5K to help me get started. I'm going to rename it From Computer to 5K. My husband tried to coax me out to the gym this morning. He wasn't too successful and now I'm sitting here at the computer. Looks like I'm off to a great start! Sigh! But my children did get me an excellent pair of new running shoes so I had better put them to good use.

Gatto in Michigan
Is anyone serious about meeting up at the Mid-Winter Conference in Grand Rapids? The conference is at the end of January. I haven't registered yet. I'm planning on going unless my sister needs extra help with her new baby.

Need Help with Math?
I enjoy math and have always been pretty good at it. Alas, my first born didn't inherit this trait. One day, after a frustrating lesson, she said "Mom, I don't get it and you gotta get that I don't get it!" I got it. Consequently, I am always looking for ways to help her understand. Here's a blog for helping homeschoolers teach math. They also have a companion website, Homeschool Math, with loads of information. The website also includes some very reasonably priced e-books and free worksheets.

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