Friday, January 13, 2006

Toddlers or Teens which is harder?

A while back someone was introduced to my son. She complimented him and asked me, "What do I have to do to have a teen like that?" I said, "Have a baby at 40." She rolled her eyes and said no thanks.

Let's face it, who else can spit up on a teenager and get away with it? And there is nothing more humbling than 15 year old boy walking around with a pink diaper bag. A real trend setter. I have come to believe that it takes a toddler to help raise a teen. The teen learns real quick how awful it is to have someone around who believes that life revolves around them.

And now thatI have teens, I sure do wish I had one around when I had five children, seven and under. I honestly don't know how I did it without losing my sanity. (OK maybe I did and no one wants to tell me.) My two year old daughter is being trained in many of the ways that I just didn't have the time for with my others. And many of the things that I fretted over with my first born (like are they breathing) I don't even think about with her. I can't believe I once even ran the vacumn under my daughter's crib while she napped just to check her hearing.

But now that I have both a toddler and a teen, I'm trying to decide if one is harder to parent than the other? I'm not sure. The toddler years were more physically demanding but the teen years seem more mentally demanding. To be honest I haven't found either one to be "terrible". For the toddler years, I remember thinking this will never end. For the teen years, I think this is all ending too quickly.

What age has been the most challenging for you?

Reminder: Today is Friday the 13th. I'm keeping track of our day today. I'll post what happened in our home tomorrow. Want to join me? I talked about it here a few days ago, and here's my first Friday the 13th from last May.

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