Friday, January 06, 2006

Poster Children for the State

The Nashville Scene posted it Nashvillian of the Year. They awarded the honor to the children at KIPP Academy . This is a public charter school. Currently, there are 60 students with more added in the coming years. The teachers appear sincere and dedicated and so are the students. They both spend more time there than any where else. The school requires the children to attend a 10 hour school day and includes some Saturdays. The school prides itself on teaching values. Honesty in the students is often praised. Founding principal Randy Dowell is honest about what they teach,
"Ninety percent of what we teach here is culture. We're teaching both character and academics."
What culture and whose values? Those of the state of course. When fifth grader Aaron Ward was asked his feelings about the school he said,
"We're a team and we're a family."
Just what the state likes to hear.

(Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs)

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