Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Peek Behind the Monitor

As promised, here is how our Friday the Thirteenth went.

6:30 AM - Wake up to the sound of my husband already working at his computer. (He works from home.) Think about getting out of bed. Thought passes. I roll over and go back to sleep. ( I stayed up after the Education Forum the night before to work on my next article due on the Jan. 15th and Friday's featured blogger.)

8:00 - Wake up, take 2. Steve is still hard at work to make a 1PM deadline. Kristin is up and babysitting at the neighbors. Other children are all still sleeping. They also had a late night the previous night. I let them sleep. Check email. Read Proverbs 13. Verse 4 convicts me, "The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, the soul of the diligent is made fat. (I was a sluggard today and slept in.) Kristin arrives home she gets on the computer to post entries. Sky is gray and it's raining. Rain in January. Wierd.

9:00 - Children are all awake now. They lay around for a few minutes. Elaina starts singing, "My bible, my bible, I have to find my bible." I don't bother inspecting their rooms. I just remind children to pick them up and shower. Steve asks me to make him eggs and toast. (He only has eggs and toast when he is going to miss lunch.)

10:00 - All the children now want eggs for breakfast. I cook some for everyone and put dinner in the crock pot. Kristin and I work on featured blogger for HSB, send off emails, and check blog. Others clean up kitchen and start their work. Katie is working on her math. Lizzy is helping Elaina write a letter to grandma, Jason is on his keyboard in the basement. Josh is somewhere. I'm not sure what he's doing.

11:00 - Toss in laundry. Josh is now in the basement with Jason. He is playing his violin while Jason plays his drum. They are practicing an orchestra piece along with a CD. Lizzy brings me two over due items from the library. They are videos at a dollar a day. We get in the car immediately and get them over there. Meanwhile, Josh gives up on practicing his violin with a drummer. He can't hear himself. He starts practicing alone.

12:00 - Back home, it's leftover pizza for lunch. We have an early lunch because they have homeschool band rehearsal. I read The Red Pony by Steinbeck as they eat. They're all grossed out when I read how they have to treat the sick horse. Why during lunch?

12:45 - I take three of the children to homeschool band rehearsal. Kristin and Jason do schoolwork.

1 :00 PM - Steve leaves for his appointment. I put Elaina down for a nap after reading her Bless the Lord. Go down the basement to clean and listen to Rush. Other two work on unfinished work from the week. Get a strange marketing call from someone telling me how to increase traffic on my blog. No thanks I say and hang up.

2:00 - UPS knocks on the door. A heavy box is brought in. The next issue of The Old Schoolhouse has arrived. They sent MANY copies. Distracted we sit and read for a little while. This issue is all about blogging and writing. It looks excellent. I send an email and check my blog.

2:30 - Back to basement for me and school work for them.

3:00 - Others arrive home from band. Hungry as usual. I check the BBQ pork in the crockpot. Children have a snack. Katie makes a salad. I remind Kristin to update my blog with a few things. I want to take a nap but instead go back to the basement to work some more with the boys.

4:00 - Steve's still not home. Elaina wakes up. Everyone starts munching on the cucumbers in Katie's salad. I continue cleaning in the basement.

5:00 - Interrupted by a phone call. It's Jake and he says he wasn't supposed to call me. Whatever, I give the phone to Kristin.

Shortly, the phone rings again. Someone claiming to be Tim Challies (without the Canadian accent) is worried about my daughter. There are hints of laughter in the background. They blather on about salvation and the assurance of something and ask me if my children are ok. First a call from someone worried about my traffic, now someone else is worried about my daughter? But this one's a hoax. It's Agent Tim, and a few friends trying to give me a hard time. (I think they're just looking to increase traffic to their blog.) We have a great conversation.

5:30 - Dinner time.

6 :00 - Clean up dinner. Write a post about Jackson Bortz . (Please read this.) Steve tired from a long day takes a nap. Clean up. and check email and see what Kristin did on my blog.

7:00 - Steve and I chat about the day for a little while. My friend calls and we help her set up a blog for their mission trip to Korea.

8:00 - Play Yahtzee and answer an email and read. I'm exhausted and just want to go to sleep but I'm trying to stay awake to watch the 20/20 Special.

10:00 - Watch the 20/20 Special. I should have gone to sleep. The children watch it with me. Then it's off to bed.

This is a pretty typical Friday. Wtih band I don't plan on doing a lot of other things with the children. They are free to finish up their schoolwork or do other things.

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Did you write about your day? Let me know and I'll update the list!

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