Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our Children, Our Future

When you have a large family people often ask, "Are they all yours?" I usually smile and say, "Yes. They are my social security. And you'd better treat them well because they're yours too!" This usually keeps them thinking for a little while. The statement while humorous contains a bit of truth too. Our children are our nation's most valuable resource. We depend on them to know and carry on the ideals of the previous generations. But for that to happen there must be a next generation.

Mark Steyn takes a look at that whole issue in an essay titled It's the Demography Stupid. He examines why a declining population in the West is an increasing problem. He emphatically states,

A society that has no children has no future.
Mr. Steyn is blunt and forthright about the causes and consequences of a declining population. He's not worried about being politically correct. The essay is long but worth the effort. (Update: Hugh Hewitt interviews Steyn here.)

Aristotle said, "The rise and fall of a civilization rests in the education of its youth."

Spunky says, "Right on Ari, but you gotta have 'em to educate 'em!"

On the other hand, Al Mohler asks, "Should a civilization survive that produces this kind of stuff? Which really seems mild compared to NBC's Book of Daniel or what Brent Bozell says is on TV this coming season.

After reading this account of what happened to a group of teens at an Orlando hotel for a Soccer Showcase, I think he might be right.

Also read, Psalm 78

Christine Miller offers her thoughts on the Steyn essay.

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