Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More on the Pros of Homeschooling

From an English Professor
In my previous post I highlighted a list of pros and cons. I agree with the majority of commenters that the cons just come with parenting. As far as the pros I would like to refer you to a much more reasoned essay written by a Professor W. A. Pannapaker, For Professors' Children, the Case for Home Schooling . He is a college English professor with three young children. He has a unique perspective as an academic who actually supports homeschooling. Here's a peek,
I have spoken with more than a few professors who say that home schooling is dangerous: It is a threat to public education, it is anti-feminist, it isolates children, it is a form of religious fanaticism, it is a means of avoiding diversity, and - most withering of all - it is an instrument of ideological conservatism. They sometimes joke about home education by mentioning horror films such as Carrie and Children of the Corn.
And that's just the warm-up. The essay excellent. My compliments to Daryl for getting permission to print the whole essay.

Out of the mouth of babes
For me, the pros were summed up in a statement my daughter made a a few years ago. The house was a mess after a busy day of activites. As we were cleaning up she said, "Mom, it's a good thing we homeschool. Who else would you have to help you clean up all this mess!"

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