Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's A Wonderful Life

I had a "George Bailey moment" last week. We were visiting a new church. When I walked through the door a gentleman walked over and greeted our family. "I think I know you, he said." I looked at his name tag. The name was familiar but the face was older than the person I remembered. I told him my name. He smiled broadly and said, "You led me to Christ 25 years ago. I wondered if I would ever run into you again. "

We often go around wondering whether what we say or do matters. It does. People are listening. It may take years before you ever know it. Sometimes you may not even know this side of heaven the impact you've had. But it is happening every day. Lives are being changed right before our very eyes. It truly is wonderful to be a part of HIS life in the lives of others.

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