Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's A Carnival of Carnivals

This seems to be the season for carnivals. There are three excellent choices for your reading enjoyment.

The First Homeschool Carnival is at Why Homeschooling. Henry and Janine Cate have done an excellent job putting this together. Next week the Company Porch will be hosting.

Sallie at Two Talent Living is having the Blogs of Beauty Carnival. The theme this week is The Beauty of Limits.

And. as always, Edwonk is hosting the Education Carnival. I always find interesting things to read there.

Since I'm not hosting any of these (thank God!) I would like to host my own Carnival.

The Carnival of the Newbies. Don't worry, you won't need to submit anything to this carnival. But I'm always looking for new blogs to check out. So if you're a new to blogging, leave a comment and introduce yourself. Or if you know of a really great blog (even if its not new) that you have discovered let me know. The post will be updated with the links from both blogs.

A Day In Our Lives
Mrs. Nehemiah suggests Strollin' By Faith
Things We Said
Homeschool Nation - Nebraska
Applying Deuteronomy 6:7
Tami's Blog
Rough Cut Gems (at HSB)
Author Jane Bulivant suggests Getting to know new friends
Homeschooling in Illinois (at HSB)
Wings and Prayer
Family School
Musings of a Lady
The Home Cast
The Accidental Homeschooler

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